Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Long Trail Field Notes #6

Have now hiked 212 miles of The Long Trail. Only 60 miles left to complete the "through-hike." The last three days have been grinding and tough, with Burnt Rock Mountain, Mt. Ethan Allen, Camel's Hump, Mt. Bolton, and Mt. Mansfield (Vermont's highest mountain). All of these mountains have their own special way of busting your ass and crushing you. On some it was crazy weather (high cold winds, heavy rain), on others it was lots of climbing up and down ladders (ladders!) bolted into the rock, on still others it was long cautious shuffling up and down very slippery vertically challenging boulders. It was never boring, believe me. Anyway, these last 60 miles to the Canadian border should be challenging as well, though not as ridiculously steep as this section I've just finished. Onward!

(On Camel's Hump.)

(Ladders bolted to the rock ascending Mt. Mansfield.)

(Freaky red not eat!)

(Pretty little red berries.)

(Pretty little blue berries.)

(View from the shelter where I'm sleeping, by Sterling Pond.)


Unknown said...

Nice pictures! Love the light in that last one. Walk on!

Anonymous said...

Is that a real guy?