Sunday, August 11, 2013

Long Trail Field Notes #5

Brook Brain Babble

Hymn them hawks, wheeling on the wing, four like spokes at peak tops. Tip of the morning to little berries, tiny crimson and dark blue orblets, vibing beside long rushing water. Some days it's bursting clouds down all day, greying every view in mist, socks sogged out and sluicing. Hands heavy in hard rain, holding trees for support down muck-slid path. Boots heavy too, soles scrabbling for grip over shiny green stone. Wince, wobble and sweat up dripping quartz crevices, legs bowing outward under salty all-day strain. But then dawn has pine branches drop cool dew on hot brow when hearty walking commences anew.

(A fun graffito found etched on a trail shelter.)

(How a camera sees three night hikers.)

(In the distance: The Camel's Hump, a mountain I will climb today.)

(On top of Mount Abraham, mile 154 on The Long Trail, The Adirondacks way in the distance behind me.)

(A steep part of the trail, with helpful rooty tree.)

(A hawk in the deep blue aboveness.)

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