Saturday, August 03, 2013

Long Trail Field Notes #1

Of Tranquility, And Commotion

Trudging through mud today, I dug the fluted stylings of seven thrushes. I thought: Isn't it all just movement and stillness, anyway? As with the forest, so with the city. And the heart. Strange metallic attenuations, rising out of a bird's throat and drifting on air. Thinking all this, my wits half-focused on wet moss and patches of sunlight, I found I had stumbled up on Consultation Peak. Isn't it all just stillness and movement? The quiet. And the thrum.


Anonymous said...

Good work. You have proven yourself, again, to be King of the Rastas-Vermont Chapter, Summer 2013.
-- Marfan John

Cousin Adi said...

And wondeful new technology that permits us to communicate on this physical plane while you march on!