Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Long Trail Field Notes #3

How I Walk:
I walk with a pair of hiking poles. They give me extra balance and power. I wear boots that go past my ankles, for extra support on the treacherous stuff. I wear a very light wool T-Shirt when I hike that doesn't smell horrid after many days of walking. If it gets cool or rainy I throw on a rain jacket. I take medium or long strides on flattish ground and short ones going up or down hills. I break every hour or so for water and every two hours for a snack. I walk 15 to 20 miles per day. So far I've covered about 80 miles.

What I Have:
Knife, tent, sleeping bag, food, camp stove, fuel, bowl, spoon, disinfectant, map, first aid kit, flashlight, water-purifying tablets, notebook, long sleeve shirt and long underwear, extra pair of socks.

What I Eat:
Breakfast: Grape nuts with milk (powdered and water added).

Lunch: Banana chips, peanut butter, and sopresatta (or salami or jerky).

Grits or instant mashed potatoes, miso or chicken boullion, sopressata (or salami, tuna fish, or jerky).

Clif Bars, trail mix (no peanuts!), sopressata, or salami or jerky.

How I Think:
In the morning when I wake up (about 6:30am) I'm all breakfast, break camp and GO. My first hour of walking is "clear my head walking"...I simply walk and watch my breathing. The second hour of walking I think about poetry. These are the only two quite disciplined thinking hours of my day. The rest of the day is enjoying the scenery, taking pictures, making up little songs, chatting with other hikers I meet on the trail, etc. When I get to my campsite at night I'm all business again...getting water from the stream and treating it, boiling water for grits, setting up my tent. I try to be in bed and asleep by 10pm, so I can wake and repeat!

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Jeb said...

Tando! Love reading your notes from the trail - very inspiring stuff... Keep them coming!
_ Jefferson