Friday, July 20, 2012

Ink Blot Fluffy

This original drawing was done by the artist Nico Miller, currently of Paris, France. I did the photo effects. Thanks, Nico!

Time Travel Or Bust

Many thanks to the robotics engineer Cal Miller, currently of Paris, France, for the color inversion on this drawing!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Dancers Crouching, Before They Leap

Getting There.


Animals And Instruments

Without hard work the sad man gets nowhere. He needs music and now there is silence. The sad man buys food and watches movies and eats and has the worst dream in the world. He wakes up troubled because he dreamed he was trying to lock the doors and could not. He could not lock the doors and everyone kept coming in while he tried to work and think. They tried to name him Hugh, and Stan, and Hank, all these hefty, big-handed names, but he simply wanted them to leave or be quiet while he sat at his bench in the basement and made intricate things from wood. Animals and little houses and musical instruments out of little chunks of mahogany and pine that he would carve intricately and slowly when he could keep the people that called him Hank from always calling him Stan and always opening his door and talking on him. Soon he would move to a quiet part of town, where no one knew his name and he would pretend to be mean and nasty. There the only names people gave him were names like Victor or Dennis, and would leave him alone, he being unapproachable with such names. But he made better animals and instruments there, by far, and had much more intricate hands.