Tuesday, March 08, 2016

I Probably Missed It Too

I have to pee right now so we have to make this quick. Let’s try and come around the other side of death. I mean, since there is birth in this world (which is fucking bananas) then there is also music. The one and then the other and a whole bunch of other stuff in between. Take these words and walk up a mountain and find something like the golden last light of the day you’re in, and try these words: "Hey, night, I know I am a part of you, just as you’re a part of me, and the air and the stars and all the rest of the shit I don’t even know about is all out there and in here, awash and spinning. Like the spirits of everything are haunting everyone, even the sand and the ditches and the mustard in the fridge. You can’t push this out. Everything made is made with the care requisite to prop it up in the precarious abandon of the crashing world. For a time every thing and every being has its own grace, and then clunks away." Right. I’m done. There’s the poem. You might have missed it. I have to go pee now.