Monday, September 26, 2005

War Buds

Chemical cares and agent which is oddly lethal very heavy concentrations...dioxin, a soldier in American Vietnam, filled with public health specialists, very detailed work, hundreds of times as high as what could be carefully reworked, boundaries and borders. Though he doesn't stand up for what he said, I wish there was no writing of history in the first place, you can't rewrite it. Most of the goodness, here, by 1969, 70% say the whole thing is pretty stable up to the present, you don't read it anywhere. We went in with benign intentions to do good. There were some atrocities, but it was basically benign intentions gone awry. America's quest for today's program, an extended excerpt produced by a group of people...comparing the election to Brazil,,,we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. A man whose background is a peasant steelworker or union organizer with no formal education cannot be compared to two men born with great wealth and political influence. Keep away from issues...both sides understand by the public relations industry designed to keep the public out of it. A poll asked voters why they voted produced the result, a symbol of something extremely serious, mostly off the agenda, though. Nothing in the political system alongside of this a very high level of activism on the other side of town. Yet these two candidates carefully exclude the political from the public. An outburst like the 60's requires a huge countercampaign to drive it back, or the public will oust the danger of democracy back where it belongs. The election is a marginal affair...devote five minutes to the topic...if it's a swing state, keep the worst guys out. We can't make demands on them, Pat Robertson: take an even more extreme position...draw tens of millions of evangelical Christians into a third party, thank you, and move on. Popular organizations make demands, domestically a group of radically reactioary internationalists bent on destroying the achievements that have been won by popular struggles in the last century. Transformation to military forces and militarization of space bombs your uncle destroys any part of the world he wants without warning. The nukes and China on automated computer control tripling the number of missions...inventing policies preventing move towards mattering of differences. Domestically it can institutionalize destruction of progressive achievements of struggles of the past century, and internationally, it may blow up the world.