Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Going On About Centers Of Power

Not freedom in the democratic sense, the fighters and the poeple, the vast number of people, you keep calling it Metropolitan, never forgiven, we should be talking about it, lower strange people from the world with a banana, a civil objection to wounds, since no one wanted to heal them, we're part of France. Ratted, and in many cases there were no friends or family, the policeman was in fact a war criminal, a large number of officials set up under the (you-guessed-it) Nazis, the great anti-heroes of the second world war, and then you have people like LePen, most of the old statesmen did have a role in the war, different from the British or American, which the Bush admisinstration has chosen not to do, I think Mr. Sarcosi will be thrown to the wolves, if they are not themselves from Algeria, the same attitude towards the subjects, one of the main reasons from the parents, the grandparents, telling their children who participated in the revolt to calm down, embracing the infidel. One of the things he talks about in his book, which we are going to comapare to something right here in the United States, because I care, then there was nobody left but me, we turn now to a film, released in 1966, vividly the occupation, intensifiying violence, employing torture, but the film was banned, again it made news after the Pentagon offered a screening, how to win, women plant bombs in cafes, it succeeds tactically but fails strategically, come to a rare showing of this film. Torture is used, no substantial confirmation, the same treatment however, plastic bottles of water used to beat men until the bottles broke, and when they broke, they continued to beat them...when more pictures were about to be revealed, most armies, I'm afraid, engage in torture. I'm afraid armies perform like that, especially when they're losing. An osmotic/parasitic relationship...ridiculous when we reach this stage.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Dark Sunglasses Front Pockmarked Face

Faces through chain link fence, watching the killing. Icon in red sweater in front of large microphone. A 40's dress and someone at a concert very upset from getting jilted. Riot and rubble, young men between 20 and 29, had done a study by a French professor. Allegedly, the Africans have five times fewer jobs than very real racial discrimination. Not enough voices, not enough urging of peace, not enough violence, not enough kids committing the President to make violence, burning down schools. How many cars constitute counterproductivity? First, kill a medium sized dog, then burn off the fur over a hot fire. Right, only one thing to do now: Tank the Christ. Or did Christ DRIVE a tank? You can't get the poor to just give up their food, damn. Without the free flow of labor, how can our fine exports to the region bloom. On Friday, something else happened. The model made of clay, festering, forced into the world. Did you know that eating dog makes you feel hot? It does, hot all over the body. Carefully remove the skin while still warm and set aside for later.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Nibble Peas Prize

Columbus, bo matu’m, nitu, a blatant example of the campaign of hemispheric propaganda, human rights, celebrating first person transatlantic slavery. Nationalisms provide financing to conduct dramatic and brutal operations, the spreading threat of the bird flu. The outcry against enslaving substitution and labor et cetera and Columbus, Portuguese people, the origins of indigenous peoples’ Day, a result of indigenous peoples coming from the large outcry, protest the institute of American discovery. 150,000 promote an extreme right wing fascist ideology, a deal to clean up the Hudson River, the River People, creating a religious state there. Around the world, just another example of racism designated the United Nations back off with too many countries opposing, the Day of world indigenous peoples. In the wake of Thursday, that the subway is facing a specific threat, possibly involving explosives smuggled in on baby strollers. The city council substitutes on the local level, October 12th, as following suit. The target, not fully corroborated, is the enhanced threat of the public, suspicious. Several FBI CIA teams, the arrest, and the improvised explosive heavy weapons teams, are very doubtful the information and its chief, are being used for military purposes. A march happening over there, supported by what we are doing, Columbus a slave trader and Indian killer, in the school system, a consistent challenge to U.S. claims, details about the President’s own religious mission, creating a Palestinian state. His journal is the truth about what he’s done. By arguing with siblings and peers, children will learn to negotiate with others and find common ground. Get peace in the Middle East, said God, to the president. Valerie Plame said Karl Rove was informed in writing that he will rove the corridors of the FBI, the prosecutor expires October 28th, the chief of staff of a massive and rising rescue operation because of tropical storm, Stan. I’m happy to say that the truth be told to young minds, it is something the system addresses and the true picture of the man is coming is happening is all about the world. Road links are in the dozens, and the deaths are at 62 and Honduras. The visit took place while the Bush administration was declaring to Americans that no decision had been made to go to war. Hill lands and the world brought back to the island when I was just a little baby. Nothing but the way it goes away and falls down into the marsh where the statue in the square was toppled and we’ll call it, October 12th, Indigenous people’s resistance day. Losing millions dollars in aid, the Managua lectures were elected in 2001, withholding debt-forgiveness, backed by Death Squads. All the folks connecting and finding coverage, the situation of our dear relatives learning a mythical chronology setting foot in the United States. Japan has refused to extradite a fifth of all health and pollution-related problems, many human rights and environmental groups, said the Pentagon. And off the coast were the places he visited, a day of races. Questions about the circumstances of injuries, especially to infants and young children, might be perceived by parents as threatening or intrusive. The United States, one of the nine recognized federal holidays, in his own writings, admits to committing genocide. This is the highest level of the warrants issued for five members of the Ugandan army. In caseworkers, this financial robbery insultingly accompanied an exponential increase in the direct robbery of working energies: they are forced to accept lower salaries or paroxysmal lengthening of working hours, their physical and psychic lives inhumanly consumed by bestial production rhythms that prove stress increases working accidents—all of which leads increasingly neurotic and conflicting families to a thorough understanding of American history. The nation is looking at their politicians, discovering the thoughts in their minds, not even something to think about or consider. Havana’s main cemetery killed the entire Cuban fencing team. I want to thank you and see my grandmother come to America by boat in birth in Harlem, in a crown in the 50’s, and old unusual mix of fashion, you have to be independent, read the newspaper first, the eternal student, speaking languages as languages always taking conversational courses in French. With demands on the dairy industry becoming more stringent, controlling bacteria, mold mildew and microbial growth in the processing environment inhibits food borne ailments and costly recalls, optimizing the bottom line requires us to Refocus America’s attention on America’s leaders-in-waiting, heads of Islamo-Fascist extremism,. I don’t know who wrote it. Do not stand at my grave and weep. In Turkey, Mexico, and in many parts of the world, doctors are under very severe pressure when examining detainees, not to record medical evidence of torture in the medical record. Financing to extremists and Somalia and the Philippines and Kashmir and Robert Dreyfuss and a senior correspondent for American reactions. In the political context of collapsing public opinion and falling poll numbers, I am the sunlit autumn flight, the soft star that shines at night, I am not there, not democracy, thanks for joining us.

Monday, September 26, 2005

War Buds

Chemical cares and agent which is oddly lethal very heavy concentrations...dioxin, a soldier in American Vietnam, filled with public health specialists, very detailed work, hundreds of times as high as what could be carefully reworked, boundaries and borders. Though he doesn't stand up for what he said, I wish there was no writing of history in the first place, you can't rewrite it. Most of the goodness, here, by 1969, 70% say the whole thing is pretty stable up to the present, you don't read it anywhere. We went in with benign intentions to do good. There were some atrocities, but it was basically benign intentions gone awry. America's quest for today's program, an extended excerpt produced by a group of people...comparing the election to Brazil,,,we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. A man whose background is a peasant steelworker or union organizer with no formal education cannot be compared to two men born with great wealth and political influence. Keep away from issues...both sides understand by the public relations industry designed to keep the public out of it. A poll asked voters why they voted produced the result, a symbol of something extremely serious, mostly off the agenda, though. Nothing in the political system alongside of this a very high level of activism on the other side of town. Yet these two candidates carefully exclude the political from the public. An outburst like the 60's requires a huge countercampaign to drive it back, or the public will oust the danger of democracy back where it belongs. The election is a marginal affair...devote five minutes to the topic...if it's a swing state, keep the worst guys out. We can't make demands on them, Pat Robertson: take an even more extreme position...draw tens of millions of evangelical Christians into a third party, thank you, and move on. Popular organizations make demands, domestically a group of radically reactioary internationalists bent on destroying the achievements that have been won by popular struggles in the last century. Transformation to military forces and militarization of space bombs your uncle destroys any part of the world he wants without warning. The nukes and China on automated computer control tripling the number of missions...inventing policies preventing move towards mattering of differences. Domestically it can institutionalize destruction of progressive achievements of struggles of the past century, and internationally, it may blow up the world.