Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Going On About Centers Of Power

Not freedom in the democratic sense, the fighters and the poeple, the vast number of people, you keep calling it Metropolitan, never forgiven, we should be talking about it, lower strange people from the world with a banana, a civil objection to wounds, since no one wanted to heal them, we're part of France. Ratted, and in many cases there were no friends or family, the policeman was in fact a war criminal, a large number of officials set up under the (you-guessed-it) Nazis, the great anti-heroes of the second world war, and then you have people like LePen, most of the old statesmen did have a role in the war, different from the British or American, which the Bush admisinstration has chosen not to do, I think Mr. Sarcosi will be thrown to the wolves, if they are not themselves from Algeria, the same attitude towards the subjects, one of the main reasons from the parents, the grandparents, telling their children who participated in the revolt to calm down, embracing the infidel. One of the things he talks about in his book, which we are going to comapare to something right here in the United States, because I care, then there was nobody left but me, we turn now to a film, released in 1966, vividly the occupation, intensifiying violence, employing torture, but the film was banned, again it made news after the Pentagon offered a screening, how to win, women plant bombs in cafes, it succeeds tactically but fails strategically, come to a rare showing of this film. Torture is used, no substantial confirmation, the same treatment however, plastic bottles of water used to beat men until the bottles broke, and when they broke, they continued to beat them...when more pictures were about to be revealed, most armies, I'm afraid, engage in torture. I'm afraid armies perform like that, especially when they're losing. An osmotic/parasitic relationship...ridiculous when we reach this stage.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Dark Sunglasses Front Pockmarked Face

Faces through chain link fence, watching the killing. Icon in red sweater in front of large microphone. A 40's dress and someone at a concert very upset from getting jilted. Riot and rubble, young men between 20 and 29, had done a study by a French professor. Allegedly, the Africans have five times fewer jobs than very real racial discrimination. Not enough voices, not enough urging of peace, not enough violence, not enough kids committing the President to make violence, burning down schools. How many cars constitute counterproductivity? First, kill a medium sized dog, then burn off the fur over a hot fire. Right, only one thing to do now: Tank the Christ. Or did Christ DRIVE a tank? You can't get the poor to just give up their food, damn. Without the free flow of labor, how can our fine exports to the region bloom. On Friday, something else happened. The model made of clay, festering, forced into the world. Did you know that eating dog makes you feel hot? It does, hot all over the body. Carefully remove the skin while still warm and set aside for later.