Friday, September 05, 2008

Beginning A Summer Summary

This spring and summer I did several readings, as my book, The Comeback's Exoskeleton, came off the presses in April. I've said this before in print and in public, but BIG thanks go to Zohra and Robert of Upset Press.

My first reading, which was a sort of homegoing, took place on April 7th, as part of the Wolfe Institute for the Humanities lecture and reading series at Brooklyn College, where I did my MFA in poetry. It was great to see Julie Agoos, whose newest book is Property, and L. S. Asekoff, with whom I studied extensively.

Next, on May 3rd, I read in Tucson, for the Poets and Artists collective POG. I was the opening act for the illustrious and strange Leslie Scalapino. You can hear my reading here.

I then read on May 31st, in New York, for The Segue Series, with Simone White, curated by Tim Peterson and Erica Kaufman. This turned out to be both delightful and strange, as a dear old friend from high school, Richard Kim, showed up, along with another friend, Michael Ranson, from my undergraduate days. After the reading my parents and I dined with Tim and his family, Erica, Simone and other guests of the reading at a lovely Indian restaurant on the lower east side of Manhattan.