Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Retired Colonel “Toro.”

Lifted argyle curtain.
Corralled fish into sucker-arms.
Fazed bacon.
Tore blue shirt with feet.
Made bricks.
Washed old dictionary.
Retired Colonel “Toro.”
Tossed newspapers at lamppost.
Busted helmet.
Woke silver dog.
Ate spicy mustard with 2 spoons (1 each hand).
Made nasty list.
Achieved hoot.
Dried ink.
Blackened headlights.
Covered paste jar with “magic” stickers.
Wrote to Anemone Board.
Mellowed nun.
Bagged Dolf Lundgren poster.
Hollered with satchel.
Pilfered Fillmore.
Replaced new art.
Considered Campeche.
Commuted paragraph.
Armed cabinet.
Hosted zoo thought.
Thrilled Gurkha.
Politicked edgy friend.
Exorcized whiskers.
Framed annoying clerk.
Warned dark.
Hocked periscope.
Varied mouthwash.
Hurled budgie.
Drank “Gasoline.”
Referred joke.
Knotted 20 µ silver-alloy likeness of Bruce Lee’s One Inch Punch.
Redacted Fancy Feast.
Raised Hulk flag.
Contacted medium cheerleader.
Snubbed haettenschweiler.
Looked, sort of.
Mattered provisionally.
Abraded masseur.
Handled past a shoe.
Ran, caped.

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