Friday, December 08, 2006

Reliquery Redux

I a sting eyed burn event, ramble from butt of stove, make palaver out of old pipes and trees winking out at edge of civilization-colloid. Nothing but broad expanse of thought between distances of spear-popped space, capsules of old Inferno-giggles crunking their ways out from out of Mars-eye. Grunt the canticle with dents, cuz old cousins like oliphaunts know Poems have Demises, like big bellied head-legs, squids, octo-men, and whatever else rambles in night-towned dirge ditches, filtering the city dust from over-opened skies. When whispered the majesties of old Serendib? Where hallowed the crows of radio-siren-headed dervish toboggans? How tinctured streets with handblown Venetian pavementshards, wondering in kind nights from memorescent tries at visionshifting? Old friend, tumbling animal kinder, beatitudes of lilting bell-peals in the homes of your head, be well with world as spin cycles quicken and pow...

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