Thursday, December 07, 2006

Night Work, Done In Morning

Sleep two great equalizers, greed and childhood, suppressed, grainy with dew, apes run forward off cliffs. I watch Tando listen from within weeds, gathering dusk in his nets. Flies buzz by quadruped ear tips, hunting in agitated cloud, tiny mobs. He thinks, when you’re traveling, ask a traveler for advice, not someone whose lameness keeps him in one place. Swelling from ancient heat, he makes waves with hands to remember water patterns under cover of leafy head. In sinuous folds of cities old and grim, where all things, even horror, turn to grace, he follows, in obedience to his whim, strange, feeble, charming creatures round the place. In seeking weathered notions of seem and mind-at-rest, he’s clattered his walls with hand-sewn symbols, cranky sometimes, or full of sweet radar scent, and tangerine-blanked photographs. Pancreas and penned wishes own this pose, what’s stung and told from pillow’s lies, or a long wergild parchment, stitch lines of song on guarded eyes. Pang in pang, tacit time genuflects for an old brass ring or stark hymn. Crows abandon Stand-In Alley, look grim, ready for takeover. Later in the afternoon, swimming his shadow in late afternoon clear water light, “Three-eighths-inch open end,” he says, voice raised, he sees me pause in front of ...... . We swim in nada for thin sips of life in it, he up-stones a throwing spike, an arm in strength. Tando, it is strange to live in a body, to have hands and feet and a head. Is there a simple meaning in this? Is it important to live in one part of the body more than others? Franchise of local food producers, mitochondrial collaborations, marmalade goes in, sweat goes out. For host species that live with mutualistic organisms, cues derived from symbionts are likely to be exploited by specific parasites. Where water goes, we should both go, and go under. The sting of recognition triggers the memory & try to take that apart (put that together) dissolved in day’s baked light. If your cause includes you well, you will summarize the traits most excellent, a lot of lies in words. Or flies in a jaguar sign. Now hominids eat hominids and big cats get themselves gone at the sight of them, which they always did, but perhaps with less disgust? A rum endeavor, this human wheeling, going into and over everything for a chance at lips and touch. Our voidy ball of space wrack both warms and winces from the heat of you, Tando. Look, feeling is a vividness that passes so quickly, you have to abandon the poem to follow it.

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