Friday, April 20, 2007

Puccini; I Ching

Both navigational rowboats.
Stealthily, an ice storm,
Javanese beam.
And who then?
Daggers of Empire.
Riddlin’ for your choir.
Sponges for tugging.
Mudpies on sunset bridges.
Wriggle away, paste to be made.
A rock good garden diffuses day.
The walking lathe walked in,
Fornicated under auspices.
Look all you want: the 3x cubed showtune.
Frozen lake upstream steaming.
Difficulty overmuch. Tusk tusk.
Chariot cars strode silver.
Calculations; festooned gibbons.
L’chaim inscription.
Needed: one line about needing,
Read by a veiny forehead man:
Stand with your legs apart, Boyscout;
Remember your training;
Stop dressing sissy.
(Shackwater Heyoka,
Tacky, too.)
Heroics unrecycled,
Five feet under.
Vacuum Wednesday,
Or do it today.

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