Sunday, April 22, 2007

All My Pain I Ask How

Light gets in the way. Whatever me there is,
feels sensation, senses feeling.
Out at the edges, emptiness, gog and m’god...
Somewhere, the dark,,,

I love the dark.

The obscure side of love:
I run at it like voodoo.
People ride in cars,
my world is only dust.
An undead dog, eating the cities,
trying not to hate so much. Pain of sex.
togetherness a glimpse of the good life?
Chance to see what cleanliness might be? Not me.

A trapped rat, tooth and wings of hardship.
all the masses
colliding with earth
and magic death of earth.

Before the dirt I would do one right thing.

Human, human, human.
I seek the human.
God am I human.


Beings unravel.

I see messiah hordes
rubbing their eyes.


Should we tie ourselves to...

the people...

we love...


no more otherness...please...

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