Thursday, November 20, 2008

Were You There When The Trees

by Marlowe Daly-Galeano and me

Were you there when the trees
Were passers-by? And then
What did you ask?

What is your name?
Have your knees
Slid or slipped, and to where?

Did crosses or other symbols
Was it true?

Did I ever tell you about the game?
How do your hands get around
The shapes and forms

Of a day full of grey-blue birds?
Or was it wormy apples?
Had we become the coffee?

Black and pounding and black and
Did you know it broke my toe?
Was it true?

Is everyone (or anyone) your true love?
Is love?
How will the fish be cooked?

Should we ask when
Or should we let it end without us?
Could we even go back to knees?

Who is it that asks
For me?
It’s us again, and with gusto?

To serve, ¿con ganas?
What grammar serves friendly relations between bodies?
And is it punctual?

Will scientists eat spaghetti, drink pop?
Dare me to ask them about (gravitational) laws?
I dare myself?

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