Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hold Up.

No, no…wait. It’s all open. The glance and the word open. The dank cask open. Open the pants and open the sex, open Janu Sirsasana, open breast. Open the ligature, open the bind, open the cracks in everything. Open story, open pen. Open the orphan, open the steam fittings. Open the boat, open the road. Open risk. Open time. Open wind open my head. Open my bike, my bikes, my wheels and my skin. Open my teeth open pupils. Open teachers broken knuckles, open arms, open hugs, open ropes open slide, open boat, open Chinese New Year. Gung Hay Fat Choy open open. Open Pope. Open Dalai. Open Naga. Open Snake King. Open Prajñaparamita people and Middle Earth. Open planetary landings and planetary feelings. Open Mercury. Open fish, open silver. Open Ananda. Open legs. Open guise open ruse and shivers and open stairs. Open ascension open fall open regardless. Open hope open misery suffering. Open fooling around in mountain groves. Open green tea and open blue. Open Christmas lights. Open you. Open you. You open? You open. You really need? Open boys open girl open Charley and Foxtrot and Mike. Open Juliet open Foxtrot open John. Open X-Ray, open Jon. Open the headless dance. Open the creeping taboo. Open el retumbo open el chubasco open la caraba open The Nope. Open the last morning with love. Open the last morning with an old love. Open new. New open. Open the hard drive open the shank open the paintbrush open ceiling open camel open Dardanelles open Mongolia open Tuva open scandium open magnesium open canticle open incantation open meditate open hallucination open frost open permafrost open caliche open dirigible open home open toe open toemanship open climb open Deer Park open Bodh Gaya open Kalinga open Shakti open opium open brine open Tiresias open wine open standing room only open back bend open the sheer panties open the hidden case open the box take out the file open the prison cell. Open the kid the letter and the and. Open the And.

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