Wednesday, January 17, 2007

World's One Inch Punch

,,,knock goes the world, knock goes me in it, plunk goes you, halloo goes the trick, el radiant ludicrous truth, city of dreams all up in my sky, cloud of unknowing that takes me, spins me, shows me my hands, my human humming tree, thought buried under treasure of all running, we’re a never-wheeled wing in highlight orange marker across the land, I could sleep on stones with you, be the last man alive in the world, sing opera loud at my all-open lungs to empty windows, play golf in hospitals, swim in fountains, rob pens from banks, whisper my financial secrets to statues, rappel into prisons and let out all the ants, hold you with my just-strong/never-scary arms, repaint the continental divide, manifest the thinking thing while asking what thought is about, ask Shih Wu, dude, “Do those who look for mind with mind ever get a river to jump into twice?” “Nah, man,” says brother Marley, “we don’ need no more trouble,” then Bruce Lee leaps in, does a mean John Lennon impression, “peace to all the people,” sayeth the famous One Inch Puncher, he’s man incarnate, a model for making worlds work when we’re in them, I’m him, your Mister in the mystery world of feeling, I’m your date on the day the world marries itself, the moon has something to tell you if you listen loud enough, it hears, too, if you quiet your cortex and watch the way the stars reel their jig in your holy earth eyes, I am with you in noisy silence,,,

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