Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just What Happens

Something painted
Something made
Smoke out of lips
Adornment and fading
My skull as a drinking cup
Twin suns superimposed due to two days in one
Weary always = weary never
Middle things under my skin
"The world is all that is the case"
If no Free Will, then no Predetermination, and vice versa
Since no equation
Only words to describe what happens
And what happens
Which happens before words
And simultaneous to words
Is thinking in language
So short skirts matter
Only insofar
As they matter
Though the act (art?) of attributing value
Is always independent
Of skirts, as skirts are objects
What moves under skirts
Can be a 'that,' 'this,' or 'those'
But has no value
Beyond the act of attribution
And since no Free Will/no Predetermination
Attribution is only what happens --> Even under skirts.

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