Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 13th, 2009

Who flung head?
Some one bone state
With knock dogs and teething.

Why rock now?
Crack young neck stroke
Then shirt and dang slaughter course.

Whisk what, away when?
Nada and nada,
All poems go to working
And working to blank.

The boat went where?
Where liberty arose
From churning waters.

Did everything sting?
The way to remember
Is to value memory.

How can anything be different?
Moments only resonate...
Only porcupines win,
Against pineapples.

Will skin recognize?
In a can,
In or out of hotels,
Whenever music belongs.

Could sand function as more?
Como el arco
De un cuento sin fondo,
Las estrellas son mudas.

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