Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A L*****G Method

Go ahead and clack when walking. Make that umph sound when striking, using a superman punch, overpacked, energetically realizing all highness. Give someone a long tall drink. Drink them cool milling molecules, young outlaws in the surround. Someone shadowed her collective documents and gathered things with her deadpan wedgeface. Ninesense and reading teams, nickel and Cadillacs, shouldering the wait of ten years in a bag. Goliath down to your watering whole bag of feed and knuckles in two pockets, spilt tiller up in a ground. Range over acidic econo-dollops, fly fast away from a fickle folkster figgering ways to git free. Dumb heads touch faces, wonder about sleep, keep wallopy uppercuts coming out in springtime. Soul-bare idears get met with shut-up shit-blanked hater moves. Just flow, go, screen-dense yoga purgation, rut out dank corners of tomorrow and chase things on a bike.

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