Saturday, October 25, 2008


Where am I? I wish I knew. Good-Bye Giant Head. My heart is muerto? With world completely upside-down, goodbye to the bee. Goodbye to the knee. Goodbye to meeting in dreamworld, if there ever was one. Goodbye to poke poke. Goodbye to Mount Lemmon. Goodbye to burger-jaunts. Goodbye to chin hiccups. Goodbye to hairpulling. Goodbye fingerpulling and cracking knuckles. Goodbye Gitane. Goodbye shivery lake swims. Goodbye Bahia Kino. Goodbye blind-climbing. Goodbye tamales. Goodbye to monkey box liaisons. Goodbye broken-winged bird. Goodbye turd. Goodbye baby. Goodbye to pictures. Goodbye face. Goodbye hammock and hug. Goodbye egg cream. Goodbye mouse in the house. Goodbye the Santa Suit, arriving on Wednesday. Goodbye to the world that is too many people not enough in love. Goodbye to the bean. Goodbye to the many toe enamels. Goodbye bum thumb. Goodbye lega tibs. Goodbye avocado rolls. Goodbye Halloween. Goodbye Cannondale. Goodbye long fingers. Goodbye little snores. Goodbye chicken sausage. Goodbye Gogol. Goodbye Bordello. Goodbye bamboo bike. Goodbye Jimmy Santiago Baca. Goodbye português. Goodbye longboard. Goodbye black dirt and resolution, Rose Captain and song for the dead. Goodbye ringlets. Goodbye green dress. Goodbye Oscars. Goodbye kirtans. Goodbye 7 Falls. Goodbye Dustgarden. Goodbye cabin. Goodbye little t-shirts. Goodbye Evo. Goodbye green toothbrush. Goodbye running and riding. Goodbye Lights on Friday Night. Goodbye to spooning. Goodbye evening ice cream. Goodbye red dye in my sink. Goodbye cherry pancakes. Goodbye young one, who don' wanna go crazzy with me.

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