Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Run Up

Absolutely no way ever, allowing singers to triple their 400 hundred ten million action on the court, number one, in the run-up you gave away 1.2 million, which was awesome when you figure what it’s like standing in front of a mountain, Zambia, Gondwana, the wide ranging gold element for a charity you simply can’t meet or get something in return, yes, I’ve been to the street outside the white house and the government may try to prove it, we’re looking at a low income charitable initiative talking to someone who is being paid to prevent 300,000 children from going to school does Zambia stand a chance? Special thanks to everyone who vultured the shit out of everything just to get the best things, if you want, you get to want, and wanting is wanting, is wanting the want for much more, oh yes, much much more wanting, you could want a train a car a magnet a chalupa a tragedy compendium a reporter to follow every place you go and if you could extract more than 76 million dollars then you could want more and more and what about speculating about the cheap birds that whisper in your ear with political muscle, trying to get the number one donor to some presidents and security men and maybe former mayors of cities, obviously very close to collecting money from poor coffee cups, the state of the union is cobbled together with old buckles and shit and some other fucked up stuff that has been earmarked for other shit.

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