Friday, February 09, 2007

Gone With The Mind

“Bugged the flesh and bugged the mind
and bugged the scene between.”

Some folks think I’m lonely,
Or sad in my little room,
But breathing keeps me warmly,
When I’m sitting in the gloom.

I stand in friendless alleyways,
Waiting for a dream,
I banjo dusty crossroads,
Howling at the scene.

I blow at tumbled weeds,
And ring the lonesome bell,
And rock my onlyness back to sleep,
On wide green ocean swells.

I see myself a sailor,
Tossed on endless tongues,
Groaning in the darkness,
Breath beating at my lungs.

It’s tough to have to love things,
And tougher still to leave,
Since time’s a flick of batwings,
And death’s a heartless heave.

I wish the world a pile of love,
From my dopey tarnished heart,
May children play in sainted lands,
May lovers never part.

But truth is hard and kicks the head,
No matter what I say,
And kids and dogs and seas of green,
All must fade away.

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