Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Old Piano

I remember my dog liked to lie under the piano while my dad played, resonating sounds must have soothed him. I remember how my sister used to practice her string bass and we would sit around, my parents and I, listening to her. That probably only happened a few times. What do I believe? I remember listening to the birds as I woke up with Jen next to me in our bed. It's her bed now. I remember waiting for rain. I still wait for rain. I remember watching a man get his nose kicked almost clean off. I remember feeling strangely more than myself when I finally knew, for the first time, that a girl I liked really liked me. I remember sweating from drinking too much coffee. I remember falling asleep from drinking too much coffee. I remember writing poems from drinking too much coffee. I remember wondering how my mother's hands could work so well when my infant hands could barely hold onto things. Now not only my hands hold on tight.

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