Tuesday, November 28, 2006

From The Memory

Members of The Ardsley High School Graduating Class of 1989 That I Remember off the Top of My Head(And Some Others Who Were In My Grade But Left For Other Schools):
Jeremy Kantrowitz, Suzie Canone, Richie and Dannie Guerra, Stephanie Ellis, Lyle Goldstein, Larry David, Tricia Jones, Jennifer Fencl, Andrea Dube, Jonathan Wolfson, Sam Thyrre, Howie Kobrin, Stevie Gymesi, Janet Cryan, Benjamin Liu, William Strauss, Lee Horowitz, Mark Woll, Rob Rothbaum, Tracy D'Apice, Linda Locasto, Linda Castellito, Lizette Smith, Gidon Isaacs, Paul Kyrmse, Deirdre O’Brien, Tara Mathews, Mike Beck, John Choi, Gautam Ramakrishna, Edward Lathan, Maritza Thompson, Bernie McNernie, Mindy Wachs, Shari Kleinman, Danny Roemer, Leonard Scaparatta, Richard Kim, Kazi Aoyagi, Jimmy Joe Capuano, Erica Plumer, Janine Gutteridge, Craig Stevens, Kenny Keenan, Nestor Laracuente, Joe Scapesi, Doug DiStefano, Tony Mason, Kyle Johns, Debbie Choyne, Elise Davgin, Jennifer Emerich, Christina Acampora, Lisa Dessina, Dana Absgarten, Lynn Aurbach, Jody Jacobson, Pina Monteleone, Danny Fried, Michelle Capiello, Eliot Richman, Matt Smith, Michael Rachanelli, Gary Whalen, Jasmine Rajbandary, Jimmy Markowitz, Laurie Fink, Chris Fayette, Kim Collins, Laura Schwartz, Danny Glusker, Naveh Greenberg, Dave Chenard, Jackie Shaffro, Kai Nichols, Robyn Moskowitz, Tammy Feldman, Danielle Inch, Stephanie Pecora, John Raniolo, Mike Morel, Leslie Delman, Jeff Harris, Deanna DiFillipo, Elise Takara, Victor Arone, Sibu Thomas, Victor Rugiero, Mike Weinenger, Danielle Inch, Deena Gault, Mike Venbturino, Anne Marie Mosca, Kelly Mulholland, Kevin Morris, Jeremy Gardos, Donna Zucker, Adam Shovolski, Kaori Nakamori, Naoki Kamiyama, Nick Vasti, Lino Iozzo, Chris Brown, Leslie Stern, John Tucker, Rodney Brown, Steve Kahn, Jeff Pasquale


Ben Liu said...

Who the f_ck is Tracy DiPrima? Do you mean Tracy D'Apice? Anyway, that list is probably a lot more complete than I could I ever make strictly from memory. It is interesting how we associate certain people together in our minds, based on our perception of them as a group. For instance, I would list John Raniolo, Mike Morel, Jeff Harris and Elliot Richman together in a stream of consciousness just as you did.

Anyway, how're ya brother?


dan fried said...

wow, kaori nakamaura. i haven't heard that name in 25 years. and i believe ben is correct on the tracy d'apice comment. and anne marie mosca & adam shavolski?? a very impressive list indeed.

i came upon this blog in rather odd fashion: was looking to see if any former ardsleyans had made it past college in their sports careers. googled rodney brown, and low and behold came across your rather extensive list.

even more recently i had this bizarre memory of the time you kicked mike morano out of your house. it was probably the most heroic thing i've ever seen. especially after he punched a hole in the wall in gidon's house.

anyway, thanks for the memory jolt. hope you and ben are doing well.

ben: i'm still pissed about losing to edgemont.


megalomart11357 said...

Yo- I did'nt even think anybody from Ardsley would remember me.
Any way good luck with whatever you are doing.
Nestor Laracuente

Naveh said...

How are you? This is Naveh and from the list I guess you do remember me...
I went back to the Army after college but my wife brought me back in 2001. My English still sucks but definitely better.

MoOnlight Productions said...

I remember all you guys!!! Especially you Nestor Laracuente, Remember when you ran away from Home? Naveh, Ben, Dan, Tando Peace to all!!!

Mexoplyx said...

Todd Lyon

I first met Marc Woll, the owner of Gastronomique in New Haven, back in 1997, when he and two associates staged a stunning reopening of the Bistro on the Green in Guilford. The young Culinary Institute of America graduate had previously cooked at Le Cirque and Les Celebrites in Manhattan, La Panetiere in Rye, Cafe Meze in Scarsdale, and an internationally ranked restaurant in Holland, and his classical training showed.

Since then, a number of dramatic events have taken place in Chef Woll’s life. First, he and Bistro’s front-of-house goddess, Lori Succi, were married. Then, after a successful few years in Guilford, the couple gave up the Bistro and Marc went free-lance.

Then, while serving as head chef at the old Tibwin Grill in downtown New Haven, drama hit the Woll’s life like Thor’s hammer: In August of 2001, Marc was involved in a motorcycle accident so serious that he wasn’t expected to live through the night.

"Both of my lungs were punctured, I had a hole in my stomach the size of a grapefruit, my left leg snapped in half and my brain swelled so much that it cracked my helmet from the inside," he recalled. "I guess I just had the will to live."

He credits much of that fighting spirit to his daughter, Anna, who is now 5. "She’s my inspiration," he said.

It was a tough recovery. The accident put him in a coma for nearly three months. During that time, the attack on the World Trade Center happened. "When I came out of (the coma), I had a lot of catching up to do," he said. "The whole world had changed."

By early 2003, just over a year later, he had learned to walk again and was back in the kitchen, this time working as a chef at Darien’s, a start-up restaurant in Wallingford that, unlike Marc himself, didn’t survive.

"I had the idea of working for myself, and doing something small," said Marc of that post-traumatic transitional period. "Initially I wanted to do some vending, to start a juice bar cart outside of Yale-New Haven Hospital, but then I started looking for a small space downtown. We needed a centrally located juice bar, and I was excited about it."

In September, he rented a tiny storefront on High Street that had once been a vintage clothing store, and had more recently housed Kitchen Witch. "When I saw that stamped-tin ceiling and painted it copper, it looked so French to me. I knew I wouldn’t be happy with just juice. I knew I had to do what I was made of."

With the help of his mother, Faith, he filled the 179-square-foot space with vintage pots and pans, created a countertop made of antique wood salvaged from a family home, hung country French curtains at the one and only window, and opened for business in 30 days.

Freshly blended juices, smoothies and shakes were, and are, a major part of the menu, and each seems to have its own neutraceutical benefits.

"Over the years, I worked with a lot of guys from the West Indies," explained Marc. "They’ve always had their own remedies for everything from colds to impotence." Their wisdom, plus Marc’s own research, resulted in healthy drinks with amusing names such as Miss Connecticut USA (carrot, cantaloupe), Probation (cranberry, apple, goldenseal), Purple Jesus (beet, vanilla soy milk) and Slim Shady (Marc’s version of SlimFast, made with mango, grapefruit, honey, yogurt and protein powder).

But his menu had to be much more than liquefied health; it also needed to be a lovely showcase of classic French bistro food, with quick-food sandwiches and burgers added for good measure.

Gastronomique opened to critical acclaim in October of 2003. It’s a strictly to-go operation, and that’s exactly how Chef Woll likes it.

"What I really care about is the food and the customer," he said. "I cut out the middlemen completely, and now I’m dealing with people face to face, cooking for them without owners or managers or servers. The kitchen and the restaurant are one in the same. The experience has been so enlightening."

For him, and us. Where else, on a blustery winter night, could a person pick up the phone and order Steak Frites, Croque Monsieur, Duck Breast with Orange-Cranberry Compote, Pistachio-Crusted Salmon with celerac puree, a New Haven Foot-Long Corn Dog, Creme Brulee and a vegetable drink called Chasing the Dragon, and enjoy it all at home in front of the fire or the TV?

• Place: Gastronomique, 25 High St., New Haven.

• Phone: (203) 776-7007.

• Web site: www.gastro-nom.com.

• Hours: 10 a.m.-9 p.m. or so Mondays-Saturdays. Full menu available all day and night.

• Reservations: No seating; call ahead to order or learn about daily specials.

• Food: A tiny takeout bistro, it looks more like Paris than New Haven. An all-day menu features friendly sandwiches, soups, salads, and risottos du jour — look for Curry Raisin Tuna Tartare ($9), Vegan Burger ($6.50), Nicoise Salad ($6.50), Steak and Cheese ($9), and Citrus Salmon Gravlox and Salad ($8).

Every day and night, Gastronomique features prix fixe meals. At dinner, three courses are $19. Choose from a soup or salad, plus an entree of Steak Frites (a small steak with twice-cooked fries), Pistachio Crusted Salmon, Fish & Chips or Duck Breast, each with side dishes, plus a dessert from a rich list including creme brulee, Cheddar-crusted apple pie, a chocolate tart of the day, and more. (A similar prix fixe meal is offered at lunch for $12.)

There’s much to drink at Gastronomique. Energy shakes are $5 for 14 ounces, and $6 for 18 ounces. The Bok Juice features cinnamon, nutmeg, linseed, honey, and milk; the Hawaii Five-O blends mango, coconut, papaya, pineapple and orange juices. Vegetable drinks are $4-$5, including the V-12 (veggies and organic greens), and The Cholesterol Reduction, with carrot, apple, parsley, ginger and garlic juices. Energy Fruit Juices are also $4-$5; choose from Morning Yawning, Black Lagoon, G Spot, Pacific Rim and more. Look also for smoothies, custom-made drinks and seasonal specialties such as hot white chocolate ($3.50) and Spanish hot chocolate ($3).

• Drink: No liquor license; see above for a huge assortment of inspiring beverages.

• Wheelchair access: Through the front door, over a minor rise at the threshold.

• Smoking: Not allowed.

• Credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover, Diner’s Club.

• Kid-friendliness: Most kids order from the regular menu, and enjoy freshly baked cookies ($1 each).

• Parking: On the street, at meters; free after 7 p.m.

• Private functions: Chef Marc happily supplies hors d’oeuvres, entrees, desserts and other delectables for off-site parties.

Call him to create a customized menu for your next event.

• Etc.: Gastronomique provides a "Student Meal Plan" at the cost of $350 for 30 meals. Call for details.

• Free delivery: Yes, it’s available, if you happen to live two to three blocks from the restaurant.

Todd Lyon of New Haven is a free-lance writer. Contact her at toddlyon@earthlink.net.