Sunday, March 31, 2013


There is not this this unless we go without this, only we do this, and this doesn’t do it for us when we do it. Then they do it and we do it and the winding down of doing it winds us up and we do it, this thing, this doing, which makes us do it. This. Then they go through it and we go through it and that is what does it, even though instead of that we call it this, which never helps that. Unless…well… maybe it helps that, but not this. The only thing that helps this is this thing that we do when we stop doing that other thing, which is the thing we always do anyway. So there’s no stopping us from doing what it is we do when we’re doing it without trying to do it. It’s almost unavoidable, doing this thing, which is something we have to contend with, especially when it’s always on the table, this thing we almost always do. Then we do this other thing, to try and stop doing the thing we always do, but that just leads us to doing the thing we always do again and again, anyway. So then, whether we’re trying or not trying, we’re doing this and that, again and again, until we stop. But even when we stop, there’s no rest from doing the other thing.

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