Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Twin Poem #1

for the Schall twins, Jackson Maxwell and Winston Jasper

In connection of floor and head, worries go way. In correction of storeroom and memoir, whole house goes slipping, cliffdown, sluice of time, slip of untangle, untension, unmake of torn world. Torque and tango all go roaming, all go strumming a teeny gweetar. Garlic singing, gaslight seeming, no gnashing, no wringing. Tumble down twins, poembottom, side-glance courts a swing. Porch and boards, dart and fly, grip with a whole house, howsabout. Twilight for tired, plaster for canvas, vibrato for differentiation. Who does country sweets? Hem with a grin, with a child in mind, with two stony stones. Try and easy do it, shoes could stay a double sting. Inside brain always a belly, always a core. Say it’s an old year, almost done, together for a honey bit. Should plunge be an oar, it’ll be a door. Two for two or so we do.

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