Thursday, February 16, 2006

moustache refiguration

all of us have moustaches on the inside, even einstein's was on the inside, too. i bet he could have rotated his moustache forty five degrees from zero if he had had a handle on his own natural mitochondrial tonal thing. but, when fred (the turtle i had as a child) ran away, all was lost...i never had good luck with reptiles again, though i tried snakes a couple more times. there is something to be said for the part of the brain that waters plants.

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Tim Peterson said...

There is something to be said for the porches of the ear from which swing the single swingers. It was the rise of the angiosperms, it was the fall of the gymnosperms.

All that hairpiece rotation...the seedlings...I gather...

Mind you, injected Sally, just because the primary direction of growth is inward doesn't mean a barrage of dramatic irony in flipflops. But I like to think so.